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Poppets Baby Care Centre and Nursery School

A safe, loving environment for babies from 3 months to school ready children of 6 years old.

Poppets is based in Sundowner (near Northriding), Johannesburg on a large property built purely as a pre primary school in 1981. We have grown over the many years and now have a baby care centre included in our schools facilities.

We look forward to meeting your family

Poppets is made up of the following classes

The Stork class are our babies of 3 months to 16 months.  A separate section has been newly created with beautiful cribs and a team that looks after these precious ones’ every need during the day.

Our toddlers of 18 months to 2 years are part of the Owl class but play together with the Duck class who are 3 – 4 years old in their own play area.  

Our 4 to 5 year olds move into the Pre-school area as this is the Grade 00 standard and are in the Swans class. The Swans share a play area with the Flamingoes class who are our 5 – 6 year olds in Grade 0.

So you have seen the rest and are now looking for the best environment and educational standards that a nursery school can offer. Look no further.

We build a bridge between Home and Primary school.

Areas of learning

We prepare our children fully for their journey into formal education. We believe that when children are in a happy, loving environment, optimum learning happens.

The presentation of educational material and learning activities takes place not only during structured lessons, but also within the daily interactions of educators and peers.  We see the results of our dedication when our past pupils are often amongst the top ten achievers, prefects, head boys and girls and well-adjusted young adults.  This is where we see that the foundation which we laid, has served the children well!

Each of our classes are fully equipped with age-appropriate puzzles, learning activities, fantasy corners, construction equipment, and books. Our theme discussions and creative activities are also prepared according to the ages of the children.

We believe in Learning with Love.