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About Poppets

Poppets offers the best environment and educational standards that a baby centre, nursery school and pre-school can offer. We prepare our children fully for their journey into formal education. We believe that when children are in a happy, loving environment, optimum learning happens.

We build a bridge between Home and Primary school.

Poppets offers suberb facilities with spacious, well equipped classrooms and 2 large grassed and semi covered seperate play areas. Each of our classes are fully equipped with age-appropriate puzzles, learning activities, fantasy corners, construction equipment, and books. Our theme discussions and creative activities are also prepared according to the ages of the children.

We believe in Learning with Love.

Our Principal and Owner

Adele Wyatt

G.E.D Junior primary Diploma Specializing in Art and Music- Goudstad
2-6 year Montessori Programme – Montessori Academy of South Africa

Adele’s passion has always been about the children, and she knew it was in her destiny, to help make a difference and better the lives of children who attended a nursery school.

She therefore perused a formal education, specializing in teaching and began her teaching at a Montessori school which was based in Sandton and after a few years she became the Principal. She was then headhunted by Bushhill Pre-primary to be the principal.

However her dream was always to own her very own a nursery school, where she would be able to bring all her experience she had learnt throughout the years, together with her incredible passion and love for children, and build a school from scratch – her way!!!

Needless to say, Poppets Nursery School was born – over 25 years ago.

With the full support of her husband, Keith Wyatt, who not only helped her achieve this incredible dream, but who now has an important role within the Poppets Nursery school management team.

“I adore every one of my special children at my school and take such joy seeing them learn and grow everyday”
– Adele Wyatt

How did Poppets happen?

New Year’s Day 1990 Keith and I cycled down Northumberland Road. It was under construction, just a dirt road. Keith asked me what my New Years wish was. My answer of course was I want my own school. We stopped to chat, looked over the railing, saw two adjoining stands for sale. Next day Keith contacted the agents, put in an offer, and we purchased the properties creating great debt at the time.

Above: The land was chosen

Council would not give us building permission. They wanted a house built which would then be converted, in case we failed. Failing never crossed my mind!

Above: Breaking ground for the first half of Poppets

Many months later we had permission to only build half. If we succeeded with half, we could construct the other half. What a huge mess that was! Looking back, I cannot believe we took it in our stride.

Above: The first half is built and clearance is given for the rest to be built.

We opened Poppets’ doors in July 1991. Our entire pupils list totalled 7 children. One of the children being teacher Rita’s daughter and a little boy who belonged to the cook. 5 paying children and thousands of rands expenses. By December we had 24 children, and never looked back.

Above: Principal Adele Wyatt with her class when they opened.

Funny thing is that councillor Cyril Ford used to bring councillors round to see how a Nursery School should be constructed and managed, this used to give me great joy.

Councillor Ford’s granddaughter joined Poppets shortly after we opened.

The rest is history, I still love watching my little ones grow, learn and achieve, not only at Poppets but also tertiary education.

Above: Poppets today. Celebrating spring with all the grand parents

extra murals

Poppets offers a fun range of extra mural activities that are run within the school day and during aftercare.

Tuesday Soccercise
Music Box
Fees for extra mural activities not to be included with school fees in one payment