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Poppets Baby Centre

Our newly built baby centre takes care of your precious little ones from 3 months old with a team that give them all the love and care they need while you are at work.
Spotless, Safe and spacious facilities ensure your baby gets a fun stimulating environment, a cosy place to sleep and their feeding schedule sorted for you.

The baby centre is within the school so they will always have the laughter of children outside the windows and stay entertained with the goings on of the nursery school children. ┬áIt’s creating a home away from home.

Our daily programme includes the following:

  • Perceptual activities through touch, listening and “Reading” pictures.
  • Developmental Play, Stimulating Find and gross motor muscle movement.
  • Short periods of outside time.
  • Rest times.
  • Language development.
  • Music – Nursery rhymes and background classical music.
  • Social integration.
  • Each child is monitored daily and a record is kept of eating and drinking habits as well as toileting.

Safety and Security:

  • Fully alarmed panic buttons
  • Electric Fence
  • Security patrols

Sleep arrangements

  • Each child has their own cot
  • We supply mattresses
  • We supply cot bumpers, duvets and sheets
  • Please feel free to send a nom-noo cuddle blanket