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Poppets Pre-school

Poppets  pre-school is for children from 4 years old to 6 years where we prepare your child for formal schooling.  We split them into two classes, our 4 to 5 year olds are the Swan class in Gr 00 and our Flamingoes are our Grade 0 class (5-6 year-olds.)
Our professional teachers, age appropriate activites and a nurturing environment is the perfect start to get them ready for school. The spacious and secure environment provides children with a world of opportunities to experience and enjoy. Our children have been easily integrated into both top private and government schools.

Poppets aims to prepare your child to be ready for school in all respects. We are fully aware of the high educational standard required and are excited to have your child join us on the journey.

Education Program

The GED structured pre-primary education and development programme is presented during school terms only. The service at all other times is limited to day care and supervised free play.

  • Theme activities
  • Theme discussions
  • Science
  • Language activities
  • Singing and music activities
  • Movement activities
  • Perceptual activities
  • Art/creative activities
  • Baking and making activities

Poppets will notify parents of any developmental problems discovered during this preperation for school period and provide information on appropriate therapists.

Meals & Snacks :

Breakfast: is provided for our early arrivals.
Lunch: Lunch is served between 12:00 and 12:30.
  • We provide all the children with wholewheat toast, fruit and juice.
  • Children are more than welcome to bring a snack box and extra juice.
  • We have a Mid-am snack and a Mid-pm snack.

Structured daily programme

Our programme has been specifically designed to enable the children to experience a productive, happy time at school.  Educational shows and social visitors are arranged to correlate with our weekly themes

Progress reports

  • A mid-year report and parents evening.
  • A written year-end report.